Duo Pizzicato

Duo Pizzicato

Accomplished folk musician Martha Hawthorne first heard and learned Italian songs when visiting family and friends in Switzerland many years ago. More recently she has expanded her repertoire to include songs from all over Italy in various Italian dialects, including many songs from Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Multi-instrumentalist Bill Foss first heard and fell in love with Italian mandolin tunes when listening to Matteo Casserino, the mandolin master from Sicily who played at the Cafe Trieste in San Francisco's North Beach. He used to listen to Matteo and his guitarist Gino Di Michele practice at Gino's guitar shop around the corner from his home in San Francisco.

We play frequently with other musicians who know the same repertoire. 

Kathy Sherak knew Matteo Casserino very well. He even named one of his lovely mazurkas after her, Mazurka Per Katarina! She has an extensive knowledge of Italian music and song from different regions and periods of time that have expanded the Pizzicato repertoire. 

Irene Herrmann played harmony mandolin for many years with both Tony Flores and Riccardo Tunzi. She brings a vast body of tunes and beautiful harmonies to the Pizzicato experience.