Duo Pizzicato

Alfredo Imparato, Neapolitan Minstrel!

We recently had the pleasure of hearing Alfredo Imparato perform at the Museo Italo Americano at Fort Mason in San Francisco. He was amazing! He is one of the last Neapolitan minstrels that performs regularly on the streets of Naples and sings the beautiful songs from the Neapolitan repertoire. His voice is a force of nature! He sings in Neapolitan dialect, so it is difficult to understand even if you know Italian, but the beauty of the music, the language and his voice will captivate you.

This is Alfredo's first trip outside of Italy and is being sponsored by the Museo Italo Americano.

We are lucky that he will be performing again this coming Friday in San Francisco at

The Liberty Wine Bar, 410 Cortland Ave., San Francisco 


Friday, August 23

7-9 pm

Space is limited, there is no cover but tips are highly encouraged!