Duo Pizzicato

New Recording Project

We've started on a new recording project at 9 Below Productions in San Francisco. The first track we recorded last night was Che Ridere and features Danny Hawthorne-Foss of the Sinta Saxophone Quartet on alto sax, Bill on tenor banjo and Martha on guitar. You might think that's an odd combination for Italian music, but we were inspired by some of the tunes on the wonderful collection from Todd Cambio and Henry Sapoznik entitled Paese Mio Bello: Historic Italian-American Recordings 1911-1939 on the JSP label. Some of the tracks that inspired us were: Dolci Recordi and Paes Mio Bello, both of which feature alto sax and tenor banjo. As tracks get done on this latest project we'll preview them here.

Paese Mio Bello: