Duo Pizzicato

"If you close your eyes, you'll think you are in Italy!"

"Michael and I loved your CD and pretty much played it continuously on Saturday! We will now count the days until you are back in Buffalo and can play at the shop."

"Thank you for the CD, we enjoyed it! We listen to it all the time!"

"Finalmente! Duo Pizzicato! A CD for all of us Italians who enjoy their music with a touch of amore e passione!"

Duo Pizzicato's classic Italian tunes invoke a nostalgia for an Italy I've never even experienced!

"La musica hanno fatto bravi!"

"We appreciate your artistry and passion for music."

"Your CD is so nice, it reminds me of your visit here. Grazie mille."

"Ohhh, that music is so heartwarming!"

"I love the CD-I played it all the way to work. I really liked the Riccardo's Waltz, which I didn't know, Cu Ti Lu Dissi, and L'Emigrante Ticinese, which I also didn't know. Great Tenebre Infinita, La Napoletana and Dengozo too. Bravi!"

"The Duo Pizzicato Old Time Italian Music album is great!  I knew I liked bluegrass.  Now I know that I also love old time Italian music.  You gotta get this album!"

"Great music, it makes me happy!"